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I have traveled and lived around the world, but there’s no place as comfortable and safe for entrepreneurs as the UAE. Dubai, in particular, is a haven for its diversity, incredible transportation options, and well-developed infrastructure. Crime is almost non-existent compared to major well-known cities, and running a business is convenient and safe with equal opportunities for all,” he said, adding that the stringent rules and regulations further add to its attractiveness.

“Personally speaking, an achievement close to my heart is the fact that our guests are happy with what VII Dubai has to offer. I appreciate that we have a brilliant team on board who understand each other and work together towards success,”.

Owning a club is something that I’ve always wanted, and I wanted to create a space that would give visitors different options to unwind. VII Dubai is divided into three parts – a terrace, lounge, and club. Each section boasts a different ambiance, giving guests a one-stop destination for a memorable evening. We also have an exclusive VIP area that requires reservations

VII Dubai has gone through quite a number of changes since we have taken over. It has improved in terms of quality, variety, and promoters. We have also upgraded the performers at our club and brought in the best DJs to take over the stage. The presentation of food and beverages is impeccable. All of this contributes to VII Dubai’s premium club status

Dubai is such a diverse city that attracts visitors from all over the world, and with Expo 2020 around the corner, we’re expecting a very good response from the club scene. As much as this area is all about business, after work it’s always time to play. Tourists often look forward to partying. So we’re in the right game

Based in the five-star Conrad Hotel, VII Dubai is set at an enviable location on Sheikh Zayed Road and attracts around 500 visitors on any given day. The prestigious hotspot caters to an international audience with themed nights and hosts some of the top DJs in the UAE to keep the crowd hyped. Sanpal added that each day attracts a different audience – with R&B/Hip Hop tunes on Mondays, House, and Techno on Wednesdays, Afro beats on Thursdays, and Indian hits on Fridays